Turin's gateway to the future of flight.



The SkyGate initiative is inspired by the echoes from one of the most important sites in the history of Italian aeronautics.

A few years after the first flight in history by the Wright brothers, Turin was the stage of aeronautical experimentation and production.

In 1914 S.I.T. (Società Italiana Transaerea) of Turin won the contract for the production of 80 Blériot aircraft.  
In 1917, SIT was purchased by Ansaldo.

Since 1918 FIAT-Aviation starts a production that will lead to totaling:
32,000 aviation engines;
13,000 airplanes sold in 27 countries,
built in the immediate premises of the "Edoardo Agnelli"'s Turin City airport.



Vertical Mobility

Moving into a new dimension

It is estimated that by 2035 about 23,000 eVTOLs (electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing) should be in service for passenger transport, in addition to hundreds of thousands of drones for goods deliveries, precision agriculture, emergency medicine transport, etc.


General Aviation

Safer, sustainable, more accessible



The Skygate project is located in the immediate proximity of the most important regional aerospace industrial pole in the heart of Piedmont's urban fabric,

the future Aerospace City.

The presence of large corporations such as Leonardo, Thales Alenia Space and  Altec, will be enriched and integrated by the new aerospace campus of Politecnico di Torino.

The airfield grounds extends over the urban area of Collegno, adjacent to Turin's aerospace industrial hub and only few minutes by public transportation from the city's center and it is currently in operation as a "Schenghen" airport for general & recreational aviation.


SkyGate is ready to host the experimental development of all the main technological segments involved in vertical mobility and advanced general aviation, both in terms of flight hardware & software and ground services. 



A wide range of services dedicated to the needs of those dedicated to the development of vertical mobility and genearal aviation technologies & enterprises will be made available within SkyGate




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Paolo Maggiore

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